Friday, July 13, 2012

Rainy Friday!

What a beautiful day it is in good ole AZ.
Lincoln and I woke up early, for a Friday morning because we wanted to make it to the temple before it was closed for 2 weeks. It was tough getting out of bed but after a delicious peach, banana, strawberry apple smoothie we were ready to head out. The drive was beautiful. We had clear blue skies to the North and dark rain clouds to the South. Inside the temple we felt so much joy and were so grateful for our sealing that was performed there almost 4 months ago. Time sure flies when you are in love.
When we walked out of the temple we found a completely dark gray sky it was glorious! We decided to go on a little walk around the grounds to enjoy the cooler weather
 (74 degrees in JULY). 

When we almost completely around the temple it started to rain on us and we had a very wet drive home. It was the perfect way to start our very crazy and fun weekend.
I am making 90 cookies this weekend for a baby shower and bridal shower. Wish me luck, not that I need it.....we are so lucky!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hi everyone!!! I am trying to get back into blogging it has been a while. I thought the easiest to cover the 4th of July! I am sure many of you already saw these pictures from facebook but thought I would just give a little more than the pictures say!
Lincoln and I are pretty busy all the time so when we woke up Wednesday morning with no real plans for the day other than the baseball game that night we were pretty stoked! So we made breakfast and it was mmm, mmm, good! We love cooking together and do not get to enough. He usually makes breakfast in the morning as I run around getting ready then I make dinner each night so it is ready when he walks in the door. So this was a treat!
Since we had nothing to do we thought we would do a little window shopping. Neither of us like to spend large amounts of money on things at one time. So even though I think a new bed would help me not wake up hurting, I still just have no desire to drop some cash on a new we will just look for a while.  At one store they had freshly baked cookies, popcorn, soda and water to enjoy as we shopped. We are kinda thinking we may spend another date night there the cookies were that good! 
Then Lincoln found this!
The chair even massages your calves! He was in heaven.
 After a little shopping we had decided we didn't want to pay $10 for a hot dog so we drove on over to Ted's Hot Dogs in Tempe. Lincoln had never been but I think he will be back!
The rest of the afternoon we spent at home Lincoln napped while I dog sat. 
Then it was time for the Diamondback game! We were so excited to hang out with Jimmie and Haylee Buchanan! They are just so much fun!
As always sitting up in top of the stadium is eventful. Lincoln got sneezed on by a 2 year old with a mouthful of colorful M&Ms! He loved that! We were only able to see half of the fireworks becaue of the roof but we enjoyed it all the same! 
My friend Rebecca had suggested that Lincoln kiss me a lot during the fireworks and it will feel like our first kiss and we did just that! 
I look forward to spending many more wonderful holidays with this handsome man of mine! 
We are so lucky!