Monday, September 17, 2012

Best year EVER!

It is so crazy how time flies! Especially when you finally have what you have always wanted! Tonight we celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary and our year anniversary of our first date. I like how they land on the same day. I love Lincoln! He really does complete me! I do not ever want to be without him. 
Tonight he showed up with these....
which made me swoon and he had even dressed up for me!
I had made a stop of my own on my way home tonight at Chili's for their chips and salsa. We enjoyed them with out yummy veggie and tomato dinner!
 So homework has invade our lives at the moment so instead of recreating our full first date of Mojo's and bocce ball we chose to just do the Mojo's with out buy one get one free coupon!!!

For some reason I like this picture sideways best! I thought the camera had already taken the picture....but it hadn't!

I just wanted to get the pretty lights in the back ground!

We had actually sat in this same spot on our first date and watched the cute kiddos splash in the water just like tonight .After the sweet reminiscing we headed home but not without a stop at the ....wait for it!
Gas station! No date is complete with out a little air for the tires and gas for the engine!
Lincoln sweetly insisted on paying (from our joint account) and when he got back in the car he stated "Now you can't say I never did anything for ya"! He had the cutest smirk on his face! Isn't he a dream?

So manly!
Did I meantion he got me flowers?

I am one lucky girl! You have no idea!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Giovanna Isabella

Today I partied all day! First at my friend Cami's little ones 1st birthday then at Gigi's party. I just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of the day. If you are friends with Jocelyn you have already seen these but I still wanted to share!
Just the cutest! I heard her running down the hallway yelling "I love candy!" Amen sister!

I made the cakes and the frosting and Jocelyn put it all together! Is that teamwork or what???

Musketeers in training

The big cake reveal!

Whoo hoo!

Minus the arm in the picture I love this one! Even Jocelyn's nails match!

Oh man he is adorable that Urbanini!
No training wheels!

Little stink would not smile for me but still he is so precious!

Oh ya Dad! You bite me and I will bite you back!

Darn spot on my lense.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fun family times

Labor day weekend was a blast! I am fortunate enough to have Fridays off so it was a 4 day weekend for me. First I did have a classroom observation to do in Mesa. It was so fun working with the little first graders on their reading skills. Once that was complete I met up at my parents house with the family. We decided to go and check out the new temple that is being built in Gilbert!
After the temple we went to my favorite cupcake place that I apparently do not get the name right when i tell people....whoops. So I uh looked it up and it is Designer Cakes by April.
John's cupcake was Cherry Cola and Monica's was one of my favorites the Oreo cupcake. She and I split that one and I got the Salted Caramel.

Mom got the yummy German Chocolate! I love the amount of frosting on it! A whole ice cream scoops worth!

Dad got the yummy salted caramel as well!
The next day we drove down to Tucson to visit the some family. We are always sad we cannot see everyone. We picked up some yummy pizza and took it over the Sarah and Jeff's to see their newest addition baby Jackson! Rachel, Chad and the girls were there, whom we just adore! We basically had 3 or 4 games on as we chatted and had a lot of fun. Monica and I were so pleased to not be the singles ladies hanging with the couples any more. It is such a different world and we love it!

After fun family time we went to watch more football at the University of Arizona. Now I will be honest I am not a fan of Tucson the city itself is just not very pretty. Out in Vail where my cousins live the desert was really gorgeous on this trip with all the rain. That being said the U of A campus is gorgeous! The beautiful buildings the luscious grass and don't forget the free valet bicycle parking! The game was great but long. U of A won but in over time. I believe we left the stadium around 11:30 then had a mile walk back to the car which I did mostly barefoot because of the blisters I had gotten walking to the stadium....whoops lol!
We did not get home till 2:30 and fell asleep quickly bit were woken up at 6:30 for 8am church....who does that? So we had wonderful naps later. Once Lincoln and I got up we made yummy cupcakes ourselves from a recipe found guessed it Pinterest!
I didn't have my fancy camera so they are a bit blurry but they tasted delish! Trust us!

Andes Mint cupcakes made by the Turleys!
So I shared most of the pictures from the river on facebook but the next morning we got up early (Lincoln extra early) and we met up with some of my cousins and Lincoln picked up his younger siblings and also some cousins. We had 15 people on the river and had a really wonderful time! Seeing Lincoln drive the 15 passanger van and reminding everyone to put on their seat belts and sunscreen melted my heart. No we are not planning on that many kids but I cannot wait for him to be a dad!

Ok last story so Lincoln's mom has a HUGE garden and basil is taking it over right now so she sent us home with a ton! I didn't want it to go to waste so Monday night we made two batches of pesto then frozen them in ice cubes os we can pull out what we need whenever! I have had it on baked potatoes this week and it is delish! I really want to make a pizza with it sometime soon!

We had a lot of fun getting to know John more and Grandma even came and joined us bring a lot of food just like old times. I am so grateful families are forever and look forward to another weekend hopefully with Jeff, Jessica and Ty someday soon!