Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I started this a week or so ago and had not posted it.....

Well I have a bunch of things I need to do today to get ready for our family reunion this weekend so I decided to blog. I haven't done a pregnancy update on here at all and I don't even know who reads this other than my immediate family who already know whats up but here we go. So I am 19 weeks and 2 days. Tonight we get to go to our first Family Circle meeting and I am very excited. We get to meet with the midwives for 2 hours in a group setting with other couple due in November and basically it is a birthing class. This class will happen at each of our appointments until the baby is born. Next Wednesday morning we will get to find out the sex of the baby and I cannot wait. I am glad we have a little vacation this weekend to help pass the time. I am so ready to know what we are having and to see the baby on the monitor! 
I have been feeling pretty great. I have been feeling the baby move for quite sometime now but it is getting stronger as the days go by, it is such a fun thing to feel. The other day Lincoln said "Crazy that there is a baby in there" and I said " Crazy that the baby has to come out!"Another thing I said to Lincoln when we were kneeling to pray and I was groaning as I got to the floor was "What did you do to me?" and he responded with "only made your dreams come true" awww he is right this all I have ever wanted. We are so excited to become parents and cannot wait for that day when can hold that little one in our arms.

Pregnancy is wonderful

So today I had big plans to get my house clean for some guest we will be having on Friday but my body had other plans and instead I took two naps and watched Duck Dynasty and Bones all day long. 
But tonight I as I was watching bones I was feeling lots of movement and kicks from Kempton and it was the coolest thing. I have been feeling him for a while now but it never ceases to amaze me every time. I know as I get bigger it will be uncomfortable but right now it is the sweetest thing. He is a stink and seems to sense my hand on my belly and kicks else where but I actually saw my belly move tonight.
I have been really fortunate during this pregnancy and have had very minor symptoms. I know I complain that November is too far away but I am really loving this stage and the anticipation it brings. Lincoln and I are just so excited to meet this little guy. We have his room set up with a crib, dresser/changing table and armoire. I love to go in there and look at the few little onsies we have already and the stuffed toys lining the top of the armoire (giraffes I collected when I was a teenager) oh and don't forget the cutest shoes ever. 
Life is beautiful and being a vessel for a new life is amazing. 
I am so blessed.
Pretty much the cutest pjs ever. I cannot wait for Christmas this year and the years to come!

Said shoes I was talking about!

Just saw this in my downloads....I may need to get that printed for Kemp's room!