Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Was Amazing!

 Lincoln and I cannot believe 2012 is over. As we reflect on the year we truly feel it was our best year ever and it is because we have each other. We are so excited for the new year to begin and to see what is to come. I start my student teaching on January 7th. I will be in a 4th grade classroom and I cannot wait to get to know them all. We moved into a new house which means a new ward. We have only been there once so far but look forward to getting more involved. Lincoln is going to be super busy this semester but I am so grateful for all his hard work. He is a great student and a hard worker, he amazes me every day. I am so lucky!
So here are some pictures looking back at the past year.

The family went on a cruise at the first of the year! It was wonderful but they all like to tease me about how sad I was missing Lincoln the entire time. The morning we docked I got up at 4am to call him before he went to work. I knew then I just never wanted to be apart from him.

I don't have a picture of me and Lincoln that night but here I am so happy after he had proposed!   

In March we attended Saturday morning soccer games of these cuties!

oh in March and WE GOT MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved our gorgeous cake!

This day was truly the best day ever. We are so grateful for everyone who helped out and made it so great! 
We then honeymooned in San Diego and had a wonderful time. On our drive over we ran into snow it was so cool! Who would have thought?
There was not much break for us in between weddings this year for much of our siblings. 
My sister Monica married John in June in the beautiful Bountiful Temple.
At the luncheon.
In August Lincoln's sister Jeni was married to Tyler Phleps.

The  Burk/Alverson/Turley clan

Annie graciously celebrated her birthday at the reception.
In November Lincoln's brother Mark married Becka! The reception was in the Burk's front yard and it was as gorgeous as the bride.
And in December we made our way to Utah again for the sealing of my sister Jessica and Ty. It was the most perfect day with fresh snow covering the ground.

It may look like Lincoln is trying to warm me but really I was warming him :) Sometimes it works out that one is always warmer than the other.

Our Christmas wonderful we spent Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas day with his. Living closer to both families has been a real treat and we look forward to more time with everyone in the new year
We rang in the New Year with wonderful friends!
So I could have made this so much longer but I think 5 weddings sums it up well! The year was full of joy and we cannot wait to see what our future holds. Out of the 5 weddings we already have a baby on the way (see November wedding :) ) and I am sure they may be one or two more. Only time will tell!
We are so grateful to all of you who made this year for us! We hope that 2013 brings as much joy! 
Love to all!

We are so blessed!