Friday, February 22, 2013

Now every February you'll be my Valentine, Valentine...

Our Church put on a Valentines dance for the adults a couple weeks ago. We had decided to go but the day of, we later discovered, neither of us wanted to go but we didn’t say anything to each other and just went. We are so glad we did it was the best date night. They decorated the church so beautifully! There was a false ceiling made with white and purple fabric and lights. The food table was beautiful and they had large cutouts of people dancing all around the room.
I have been to many dances in my life but going to one with you hubby is the best! It is so nice to have a dance partner and not have to worry about anyone else there. Also a dance full of adults who are not looking for love was just all about the dancing, who would have thought! It was the largest group of dancers I have ever seen at a dance. They even had a projector and everyone danced along with Just Dance (or one of those games) to Gangnam Style and Moves Like Jagger it was hilarious! There were a couple 60 year old women doing the moves, incredible!
I am so grateful I waited for Lincoln and never settled. He lets me know every day that I am the perfect woman for him and how beautiful I am. I really never imagined marriage to be as great as it is. We are coming up on a year and I can barely believe it. The card I got him for Valentine’s Day says,

Time passes so quickly that sometimes I can’t help but wonder how forever with you is ever going to be long enough for me.

When I read this I immediately teared up and knew this was the card for him. I am so blessed and thankful to have found such a wonderful man to spend forever with.

And oh yes they had a photographer! Isn't he so handsome!!!