Saturday, August 18, 2012

Celebrate Good Times!

Lincoln is amazing! A few weeks ago an opportunity to be in management came up and his supervisor encouraged him to apply. Lincoln did and he got it! So we went out to celebrate! Once dinner plans were made I received my results for the AEPA test I took for school and I passed! So it was a double celebration that night at the yummy Logan's Roadhouse!

Oh and I made him a brownie! It was super delish!

We're on Boat!

One of my happiest place is on a boat! Growing up my Grandparents lived on a channel off a lake! It made for the greatest families times. Since moving to Arizona the lake does not happen as often but lucky me I married Lincoln! His family loves the lake as well! We went memorial Day weekend but the lake was way too paced for my liking. So we went today and it was the most perfect day!

The newlyweds! Yes even newer than us!

Blury but it is us!

Oh those Phelps always ready for a quick picture!

Hey Tyler, the girls are still on the tube.....

Whoops forgot to zoom out....

Flag girl!
oh ya he is driving! So hot!

Then we saw a goat!

Friday, August 10, 2012

One down.....2 more weddings to go!

Love is in the air!
 This weekend Lincoln's sister Jeni got married!!! Um we must be a little self centered...I didn't take one picture of the happy couple but definitely got some of us! Hope you aren't tired of us yet!
The sealing was on Friday and Lincoln worked really hard that week and was able to finish all of his work hours before Friday which meant we were able to spend the day together! 
We got up early and went on down to the DMV to FINALLY get my drivers license with my new name. We were there for a hour which wasn't so bad. It was much better being there with my love. We then headed over to the church the reception was at to help set up. 
I took on the job of entertaining the nephews that were there and I had a lot of fun getting to know the kiddos that I had not met yet. The church looked gorgeous!.....and again no pictures of that!
My favorite moment from the luncheon was when Lincoln and I met up at the food table and he was asking me "you were born in San Jose right" and "you lived in California then moved here". There was a woman getting food with us she had been at the sealing also and I looked at there and I said "we have only been married for 4 months so this is not weird that he is still learning" she then responded "oh it shows you two are newlyweds and you are so cute!"
I hope we are not too over the top but we are not gonna stop we are so in love!  The reception was wonderful. Lincoln's family is just so fun and I am so grateful to be a part of it! 
Oh and I love Lincoln.....has that been said?
We snuck away in between pictures and the reception to Lincoln"s favorite joint Los Favoritos!

He got the bacon breakfast burrito

I got the California carne asada burrito which meant french fries were inside the burrito!!!


I love us!

Sweet Claire. We love this girl so much! All night she lived being tickled by Lincoln! She kept saying his name and it was just so stinkin cute!

Playing for the reception! Lincoln's cute cousins! So talented.

Can you see her? Yup Grandma lined up with the single ladies to catch the bouquet! Fortunately it was not tossed it was handed to our new future sister in law! I was so worried Grandma was going to be trampled.

Can you tell which one really can river dance?

At the end of the night we found out it was this adorable girls birthday! How sweet of Annie to share her special day!

They never want their picture taken....


I did take one picture of the decorations of the reception! It was a such a  wonderful weekend and we are so happy for Tyler and Jeni Phelps! We have 2 more wedding this year and look forward to each of them!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Part 1

I wish I had time to tell more about each night but I don't and next week I will start a 2nd class so life will be even busier but here is what we have been up too...part 1

My husband is the greatest! After my sweet dog Livee who I had had for 12 years passed away he took me to dinner and a movie the next night to get my mind off of her. He always wants to get the buffalo chicken pizza but I feel then we cannot have he got me wings.

Supreme on one side and BBQ on the other....yum!

When we got home we found these from my sweet friend Cari.

Obviously the photographer in me came out in this artistic shot

Just a little swimming at Lincoln's Dad"s house! So nice to have  a place to go for a dip.
 So I LOVE the Olympics but have barely seen any of it! SO sad but for a month I told Lincoln for our date on July 27th we would be watching the Opening ya I missed most of them picking up our London themed dinner....Fish n chips! Oh well we were full and just googled parts we missed!

Pete's......I think I like Pirate's better.....don't hate!

Lincoln knows the way to my heart!

For his first opening ceremonies he did good....the parade of nations does get mighty long lol!