Monday, November 4, 2013

Pre Need of a Babysitter Times

     Nesting started kicking in yesterday but it was Sunday so I just made a list and refrained from doing everything I wanted. I am grateful for Sunday being a day of rest and the peace I am able to feel because I keep that commandment.
     So any ways I woke up this morning and got going on my list! It is now 3 o’clock and I am pretty happy with the progress I made! Sweeping gave me some intense pains but alas they were no labor pains. My midwife told me I should mop the old fashion way, on all fours, to help start labor but that really did not seem too appealing.
     Lincoln and I had a wonderful weekend. It all started Thursday when we dressed up as a burglar and a bag of money for Halloween. It is funny I never dressed up all my years of being single but both Halloweens that we have been married I have dressed up. 
Daphne and Fred....scooby where are you?

 I guess I like having someone else to show up to the party with. So we first went to Chipotle because if you were wearing a costume then your burrito or bowl was only $3. We couldn’t pass that up! We got a couple compliments on our costumes and it was fun checking out everyone else’s! Then we went to our friends Halloween party! They had the best costumes I wish I had taken a picture with them! Jake, I mean Batman almost didn’t let us in because Lincoln was a burglar! It was fun seeing some friends we hadn’t seen in a while. I miss living in Tempe with all of them….maybe again someday!
Friday night Lincoln and I went to the Cheesecake Factory and a movie kinda as our final child free date night. So hard to believe we are going to have to worry about babysitters soon.
   Saturday morning I went to a super Saturday put on for the woman of our church! I painted blocks and made a bracelet to wear to the temple. It was so fun and those in charge really did an excellent job with all the crafts and yummy food!
After Lincoln picked me up and we drove out to Scottsdale to watch some friends race in the ROC race. It is a race full of crazy fun obstacles! We were only there an hour but I got a little sunburned. Lincoln hid in my shadow as much as possible and wore a hat so he escaped the redness. I think someday when we have teenagers this would be a fun race to all enter and Lincoln agreed!
ROC race

      The rest of the weekend included homework for Lincoln, only 1 hour of church (as opposed to the normal 3) a nice Sunday nap and dinner with the family!
      I never thought I would be married for 20 whole months before a baby would join us but that is how it worked out and I am so grateful for the time Lincoln and I have had together just the two of us. I have been really trying to treasure up every moment. Life is definitely changing and it could be any day now! Oh I cannot wait to see his sweet little face!
                                  We are all ready for ya Kempton, you may come now if you’d like ;)
                                                                        We are so blessed!