Monday, March 18, 2013

Lincoln and I had a wonderful week last week celebrating our anniversary. Today was so hard because we just missed each other so much. We are so grateful that we could celebrate by going out on a date every day!
Monday we hit up the Phoenix Rock gym! We have a Pogo pass and wanted to use it. I am a little creeped out by all the orbs in the picture! Why are there so many ghost there???

Tuesday night we went to Native New Yorker we needed some wings! We have decided that honey hot is the best!!!

Wednesday night we stayed in and watched Wreck it Ralph! We also made some delicious cinnamon sugar popcorn!!!
He basically looked like this through the entire movie! Such a cutie!

Thursday morning Lincoln didn't have to go into work till later so we went for a run and stopped in at the Burrito Shack! The place may not look like much or may look like it is never open but Mmmmm, mmmm the burritos were so delish!

Friday morning I had a state exam I needed to take so late in the afternoon we headed to the zoo! It was warm so we sunscreened up but fortunately spent most of the time in the shade. It was a very relaxing stroll we took. So different without children!

Lincoln was so excited the Lions were so close! They were taking quite the cat nap!

Have you noticed our matching shirts! I bought them before the wedding last year. I love them because they say Lucky me, St. Patrick's Day 2012 which was our wedding day!
Saturday we decided to take some 1 year anniversary pictures. I love having a brother who takes great photos and can capture my ideas! We are a great team.

I have wanted a photo like this forever with the city lights and my dad made the tail lights happen for us driving round and round! The cacti were a bonus!

Because our anniversary was on Sunday we made a nice dinner at home. Chicken alfredo with fettuccine. It was delicious! And of course we ate by candle light!

For dessert! A skookie of course!!!