Monday, February 24, 2014

The Opening Ceremonies

I have started a tradition with our family of watching the opening ceremonies and eating food from the country they are being held in. The Summer Olympics were held in London so we ate fish and chips. This year I was stumped on what to make it is not like there are many Russian restaurants around town so I couldn't just pick something up. Fortunately the morning of the ceremonies I was watching the Today Show and they did a cooking segment on Russian food. I looked up the recipes and off to the store I went. I was pretty happy I had most of the ingredients necessary for Stroganoff and lemon custard raspberry tarts.  

The tarts I actually made on Sunday and shared with Lincoln's family. They were a hit!
My Aunt Debbie had given Kemp 3 bibs that he modeled for us during the ceremonies!

Such a cutie!!!

What mommy is letting me watch this???

 I didn't get a picture of it this year but as tradition goes the boys fell asleep during the ceremonies and mommy enjoyed them immensely!

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