Monday, February 24, 2014

Wow 3 months really? I held my niece the other day who is 7 weeks younger than Kemp and was just amazed at how much he has changed and grown. Our little boy is so tall and big and everyone tells us that when when they sees him.
He is quite the talker and and as I am sure you know he smiles a lot! It is amazing how one day they can't do something but then the next day they can! He and I have been running 5 days a week for the past two weeks! There is a toy on the stroller that he would only touch by happen chance but suddenly on Thursday he started grabbing it himself. He even fell asleep on our run and so I left him in the stroller till he woke up and when he did he started playing with the toy and was entertained by it for another 10 minutes!
He certainly loves his mommy and doesn't like it when she leaves him. Yesterday I had a meeting after church and then had to get my temple recommend signed by the stake president. I was gone longer than he usually waits to nurse nurses but he didn't want a bottle I guess and he didn't complain he just waited for me to get home. He has so much fun with Daddy and just loves to talk and smile with him any chance he can. Sometimes at night I hold him while Lincoln does homework on the couch next to me and Kempton will just look at Daddy no matter which way I have him facing he will crane his neck to see him.
He is so fun and we are so in love!

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