Monday, February 24, 2014

Valentine's Day

I will be honest I love Valentine's Day! For me it is just a fun day to show love and I do not care if it is too commercialized. I love the sweet gifts my mom would give us growing up, I love the decorations and I love the candy! I was very exciting for me to be able to by Kempton his first Valentine gifts. I knew I had to buy him a mustachifier and when I saw the sock frog I was in love. Sadly the pacifier has a hard nipple and he gags every time i try to get him to use it so no cute pictures there yet. He does like the frog he can hold it easily and smiles when he sees it.

Lincoln really surprised me which does not happen often. Yes those are bobby pins. He actually stole my phone got my hair dresser's number, called her up and found out which bobby pins were used in my wedding up do! I had finally ran out of the bobby pins left over from the wedding about 6 months ago and was complaining about the ones I bought at the store so he did something about it! I am such a lucky girl to have a man that cares so much about me.
Lincoln does not get home on Fridays until late and Saturday was booked so we decided to do lunch on     V-day! 
We didn't want to waste time waiting in a line or waiting for food so I went to Paradise Bakery and picked up lunch. We then met at a park near his work and it was a gorgeous day. The rest of the day Lincoln kept telling me how wonderful the lunch was and how he loved getting outside and being able to eat slowly and lay on the grass with his two favorite people. We are going to start making our picnics in the park a bi-weekly event. 

One of Lincoln's gifts from me is that fabulous shirt!

Look at those lips!

Happy Belated Valentines's Day!

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